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All online media, whether internet, intranet, applications and others, must be designed in accordance with BASF's Corporate Design. Most of our content management systems use modules and templates that are designed in accordance with these guidelines. They are responsive, meaning that they automatically adapt to different screen sizes and devices, from large monitors to smartphones.

Download the basic guidelines for the Intranet and Internet styles.

Anna Rebecca Egli
Anna Rebecca Egli
Corporate Communications - Digital Engagement

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Rules and processes for the application of domains are defined in Domain Policy from decision to deletion. 

Companies operating under the BASF name and brand must also use domain names for web servers and e-mail addresses which include the BASF corporate brand. In domain names, information is organized from right to left in up to three levels: Top level, second level and third level.

BASF is clearly identifiable as the sender. Companies operating under the BASF name and brand must also use domain names for web servers and e-mail addresses which include the BASF corporate brand. In domain names, information is organized from right to left.

Top level

The top level appears at the end of the domain name. It contains the most general information (e.g. “.com” or “.de”) for the corporate website or BASF country websites. ( is generally used for the intranet.


Second level

In the second level there are three alternatives for BASF domains:

  • Corporate domain: On servers with content relevant to the entire corporation or to more than one company, the corporate brand stands alone (e.g. “”).
  • Company domain: In the second level the name of a company appears in the constellation: “basf- company name” (e.g. “”,
  • Keyword domain: The corporate brand is not used in the second level of this type of domain. Instead, another word is used, e.g. a product brand (“”). Please note the rules under Keyword domains and short addresses further down this page.


Third level

If needed, the domain can be broken down into a third level which might include geographical, organizational, product or topic-related information to further identify and distinguish between servers. The third level can begin with “www.” or “intranet.” Some uses for third level domain names include:

  • Regional specifications: “”, “north-america.”
  • Local specifications: “ludwigshafen.”, “”
  • Product specifications: “catalysts.”
  • Topic-related specifications:  “brandweb.”

Note: Between two dots in a domain name, brand names and other words, abbreviations or short forms are separated by a hyphen. This is due to legal aspects concerning our brand. Domains have to be self-explanatory. Therefore, names cannot be abbreviated.

Please pay attention not to use abbreviations in the domains as they should be self-explanatory.

The quickest and simplest solution for communicating selected content on a website with a corporate domain (e.g. or company domain (e.g. is a short address. This redirects to the actual, complex URL of the content. An example: "" leads to the page "". If there are different language versions of the content, they can be reached via different short addresses (e.g. "", "").

In order to optimize search engine ranking or to communicate a domain name that the target group can easily remember, keyword domains or short addresses can be used.
A keyword domain is a domain that does not include the corporate brand in the second level. Instead it uses another word, such as a product brand (“”) or a generic term (“”, campaign of the BU AP;

Keyword domains may be used only to refer to a domain with the company brand in the second level and must forward to that domain. This ensures that the product and company brand are always perceived as a unit and that generic terms can be connected to the company. In some communication materials only keyword domains which contain a BASF product or service brand in the second level may be indicated.

Personal or functional e-mail addresses may not be based on keyword domains. The BASF company must always be perceptible as the sender.


Short address

You can often save the time and expense of creating a new domain name by creating a short address.

In short addresses a short term is communicated as a folder name following the domain. Technically, the address leads to a web page based on a corporate or company domain which has a name that would be too complex (e.g.: the short address „“ leads to the page „www.“).

Caution: Short addresses must always use the same domain as the URL of the target page.

Examples for different languages:


Banner ads


Social media


Whether they are round or square, the profile pictures on the official BASF social media channels comply with the style guide as well as the respective design guidelines for field brands. There are a few rules for how the BASF social media channels are named, not least for legal reasons:

The names consist of three parts: BASF, target group specification and country specification. 

Corporate communication channels do not have a target group specification, and global channels do not have a country specification. 

On Facebook, "BASF" is separated by a period from the rest of the name, and on Twitter it is separated by an underscore - internal abbreviations such as "COM" are not used.

Always secure preliminary approval for social media channel names with COM/OD.

Take full advantage of this format and focus your message
on the most essential information.

Avatars on social media channels and app icons only allow for a small communication area.



App Styleguide

Anna Rebecca Egli
Anna Rebecca Egli
Corporate Communications - Digital Engagement

If BASF is the publisher of the app you have two options for the design:


Within your app the design principals for print products have to be applied.






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