App Icon

The app icon is the user’s first impression of the app. It appears in the App Store/ Play Store, etc. and on the home screen.

App Store Page

The app store provides space for showcasing some screens of the app to get a first impression.


An app screen can be placed on one or across two tiles. The tiles have to have one of the corporate colors as background color and contain textual explanation.


Logo & Individual Brand

The logo is only mandatory on the startscreen. The startscreen itself is mandatory. If the logo is to be placed within the app, please place it along the BASF Corporate Design guidelines.


Please use “New Helvetica” or “Roboto” for digital applications. All corporate colors, black, white and grey shades are possible.


  • BASF web design uses six corporate colors as well as additional neutral colors such as black, white and grey and pale colors for backgrounds.
  • In general the number of corporate colors used on one page should be restricted to one.
  • In special cases it is allowed to combine two corporate colors. In this case it is recommended to use the defined color pairs.
  • Recommended: Do not use the BASF red as a basic color. It should be used for alerts, errors for example in forms or in case of an emergency.

Only use one corporate color whenever possible. Additional corporate colors are only used for the effective differentiation of respective contents.



You can use all gradations of a single corporate color as long as the differences between the gradations are clearly visible (Example for BASF dark blue).

grad 4.jpg
pair blau.jpg
pair gruen.jpg
pair red.jpg
pair gruen.jpg
pair schwarz.jpg

Technical Guidelines

Mobile solutions are increasingly important in all business areas. Various IT delivery units and external partners are involved in implementing mobile applications for BASF. The Mobile Solutions team is responsible for the strategic development of BASF´s mobile capacities and providing guidance to all parties involved in the implementation.

The document below defines the basic guidelines to be followed when developing mobile applications for BASF.

For detailed information please download the BASF technical guidelines PDF.


Contact and feedback

The team Brand Consultancy is happy to support you in case of questions: contact.
Please let us know what you think about our Brand Portal: Feedback.