Business Graphics and Maps

We follow the rules covering the use of colors when we use graphic elements: We always use two dimensional elements and avoid the use of structures, outlines and shades whenever possible. The result is a very simple, reduced design language.



An infographic is the combination of an icon with explanatory text. The icon attracts attention and the text provides the respective message.

  • Use simple, large-sized vector graphics with minimal details.
  • Icons are used in positive or negative form.
  • Icons must be developed in-house. If you need a new icon please get in touch.

Depicting people

  • Depiction icons are abstracted to a greater degree than illustrations are.
  • Differentiate between ethnic groups by using different colors from our color spectrum.
  • If multiple people are represented, mix the genders.
depicting people.png


Maps are drawn using single solid colors, derived from the corporate colors or neutral grey.

Individual adaptations

  • Highlight country borders using white lines, emphasizing individual countries or regions by using a solid corporate color from the same color pair.
  • Please consult the communications department of the respective regional division on any content related issues, e.g. showing politically controversial borders.

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