Our name stands for tradition and strength; the two reverse mirror-image square shapes stand for partnership and intelligent solutions. The claim expresses innovation and cooperation.


Sizes and positioning

  • The standard size of the logo is 120 px (width).
  • The circumferential protected space is 1/6 of the width of the logo.
  • A distance equal to 1/6 of the width of the logo must also be maintained to the edge of the format.
  • The logo bar must be placed across the entire format width - in contrast to printed media - to ensure a consistent brand design in responsive layouts.
sizes and positioning.png

Intranet BASF logo usage

  • The BASF logo has to appear in white on one of the corporate colors.
  • The logo may appear only once per page.
  • Please only use the BASF logo file offered on this page.

Recommended: Do not use the BASF red as a basic site color. It is reserved for alerts, errors in entry forms or in case of an emergency.

intranet basf logo usage.png

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