Use of Columns

Columns are used in multiple ways: within a grid, in fullsize or when using a floating component. Learn more about the system and naming behind the different uses.


In the grid

  • XL (Extra Large)
    One in a row
  • L (Large)
    One in a row
  • M (Medium)
    Max. two in a row
  • S (Small)
    Max. three in a row
  • XS (Extra Small)
    Max. four in a row
  • XXS (Double Extra Small)
    Max. six in a row
in the grid.jpg

Full size

  • F1 (100% full width)
    One in a row
  • F2 (50% half width)
    Max. two in a row

Floating component

S (small floating component pushing text)
One in a row. Top left or top right. Text block L (Large centered)

floating component2.jpg

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