The Breadcrumb helps visitors to understand and navigate your site’s hierarchy if it has more than two levels. It works location-based and represents the site’s structure – not the visitor’s path or history.



Clickable links are shown in corporate color, the currently visited page is shown in middle grey – both typography and arrows.



The Breadcrumb is set depending on the page level.

Level 1: On the start page, there is no Breadcrumb.

Level 2+3: On landing pages or overview pages the Breadcrumb is set below the site id or the sub navigation, if used.

Level 4: On content pages the Breadcrumb is set below the site id or sub navigation, if used. If a Stage is used on a content page, the Breadcrumb appears in the same way as in level 2+3.

The Breadcrumb behaves in the same way in the three largest viewports. In the smallest viewport it is omitted.


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