With the help of sliders several topics can be displayed on one level. The slider can be used in combination with stages and media components, with images or light boxes.


Example in stage

example in stage.jpg

Slider elements

slider elements.jpg
The slider can be used in two ways, depending on the size of the component (see versions).

Each slider contains:
a. Pager on the left and on the hand right side. The inactive pager is grey, the
    clickable pager is set in the corporate color of the site.
b. Slider dots, which show the number of the elements. The current active
    page is highlighted in corporate color.


The slider is available in two versions. For big images, videos, stages, media components or light boxes please use the big version.
For small Images or other components in M or S columns and for all components in the smallest viewport, please use the small version.

Slider in stage (full viewport)
b. Slider with three images with captions (column XL), the image can also
    run over 12 columns
c. Slider in mobile stage (full browser width)
d. Slider in small image (column M)

responsive behaviour.jpg

Left: In the largest three viewports both slider versions behave in the same way (except for grouped Images with captions in VP2: they run over two M columns, see Grid & Viewports).

Right: In the smallest viewport only the small slider version is used for all possible slider combinations.

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