Basic Page Layout

BASF page layout differs in its construction of the header, site identifier and stage height. The following information shows the status quo with the new header.


Overview level

There are four types of page levels according to the BASF information architecture. Each page level has its own setup for the header characterizing the page level.

  • 1st level, start page
  • 2nd level and 3rd level, sub-website start page or overview page
  • 4th level, content page

Please note: It is permitted to use a page type without a Stage (according to "4th level, content page") on any level, if a picture is unwanted or not available. It is also possible to use Stages or Key Visuals on 4th level content pages.

overview level1st.png
1st level, start page
overview level2nd.png
2nd or 3rd level, example with a 16:9 Stage
overview level2nd2.png
2nd or 3rd level, example with a 2.56:1 Key Visual
overview level4th.png
4th level, example without Stage or Key Visual

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