The following information shows the status quo, consisting mainly of the desktop version.



The Header is constantly visible; it is displayed on all pages.

Main routing navigation, meta navigation and search are positioned within the navigation bar below the logo banner.


Main navigation and flyout

There are a maximum of 3 navigation tabs defined, each one opens a flyout.

1. A global navigation tab defined and governed by COM.

2. Local navigation tab (optional) allowing the domain owner to define and manage the Flyout with menu labeling, links and other elements.

3. A personalized navigation tab allowing the user to access their profile, personal notifications and sub-intranets they have followed in the domain.

main navigation.png

Site identifier and sub-navigation

1. Site identifier is a visual aid in the start page indicating to the user which sub-intranet they are currently visiting.

2. Sub-navigation is a local navigation bar with navigation tabs defined by the sub-intranet owner.

Note: Links to overview page or sub-intranet of another domain must be avoided.

side identifier.png


1. Global link lists
(1st and 2nd column) are defined by COM, for important links to internal or external webpages.

2. Local link lists
(3rd and 4th column) are optional for local links defined and managed by the local domain owner.

3. Legal footer
Copyright information and links to a general legal information page for intranet defined by COM.


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