Photo style

The following criteria will help you to evaluate and determine the layout, design and technical parameters of an image. The more criteria an image meets, the more effective it will be in enhancing the recognizability and aim of our brand.




Photo format

When you choose the format for digital media please bear the following in mind:



Motives must not include:

  • Discriminatory presentations 
  • Sexist content (e.g. offending the intelligence of women, or portraying the female or male body in a provocative way);
  • The killing of animals, even if they are “pests”, or dead animals
  • Illustrations of weapons, fighter jets etc.

And any other content which might jeopardize the intended perception of our corporate brand.


Avoid obvious effects caused by image processing and retouching.
Use candid photos of authentic people.
Our images should be realistic and credible.


Contact and feedback

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