Background images for video conferences

Online meeting with colleague.


Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams offer to use background images:

The optional use of a background image during a Webex Session, also with external partners, contributes to the reputation of our company. In order to strengthen the high quality of our services, we recommend using professional background images. So, if you want to use the Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams functions, you can use the proposed images here.

Please note: It is not allowed to use images without image rights, a violation may result in legal consequences.  

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Special occasions

Tips for design of background images

If you want to create images yourself, please follow these tips:
  • Prefer quiet, low-distraction backgrounds
  • Viewer is focused on the protagonist and content.
  • Pay attention to e.g. inappropriate signs, plants behind the protagonist’s head, pictures, etc.
  • Beware of windows and blinds as a background
  • Exposure problem due to backlight
  • Camera exposes the protagonist incorrectly as it cannot compensate the difference in brightness to the background
  • Backgrounds always tell their own story. Great if they fit the message!
  • Please be aware of using only images with image rights.


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