Chemovator - BASF incubator_entrance

Company name & Claim

Company name

The name "Chemovator" as an artifical name
is based on three terms.
company name.jpg


Since the name "Chemovator" is an artificial word, which does not have a direct meaning, the claim "Incubating Chemistry Businesses" describes the scope of what Chemovator does in three words.


Bold and positive

Our strong colors help us to stand out from our competitors 
and seperate us from the classical BASF colors. We are 
part of BASF, but we operate differently in many ways.
They reflect our dynamic and innovative approach and
give our brands a bold and self-confident appearance.


0 / 10 / 100 / 10
RGB 239 / 205 / 0
HEX #efcd00
Spot colours HKS 2 (2-color print)
  RAL 1012 (wall paint)
Foils Oracal 751C: 022 shellgelb
CYMK 30 / 10 / 10 / 100
RGB 0 / 0 / 0
HEX #000000
Spot colours HKS 88 (2-color print)
  RAL 9005 (wall paint)
Foils Oracal 751C: 070 schwarz


Our corporate typeface is "Colfax".
A modern, sans serif typeface by the US-based
typefoundry Process Type.

"Colfax" can be purchased from the Process Type website:
Our secondary typeface

Where using Colfax is not possible due to technical or 
other restrictions we use Arial.


logo basic.jpg
basf slogan chemovator.jpg
Incubator shape
The foundation of our design

As a hexagon, the incubator shape can be associated
with chemistry as well as with an arrow, guiding
the way. Its positive appearance is to be seen as an
open space, where ideas can dwell.
BASF endorsement

Chemovator is part of the BASF brand architecture
as a subsidiary. As a satellite brand with an own visual
identity acccording with the BASF brand classifications, the endorsement displays the connection to BASF.

Regular Logo Version

The color versions of our logo are the preferred
versions to use. They reflect our brand and our visual
identity in an optimal way. The BASF endorsement is
an essential part of our logo.






logo regular black.jpg

The logo on black and dark backgrounds
logo regular white.jpg

The logo on white and bright backgrounds

Reduced Logo Version

When our logo is used in small sizes and our claim
cannot be read, these reduced versions are to be used.
logo reduced white.jpg
The logo on white and bright backgrounds
logo reduced black.jpg
The logo on black and dark backgrounds

Bitmap Logo Version

For the usage in areas where colors are unrealizable,
bitmap-versions of our logos are available.

Brand Icons

For applications where our full logo cannot be
applied like in social media avatars or app icons,
our brand icons are used. When the icon is used
in small sizes and our claim cannot be read,
the reduced versions are to be used.
icons rund.jpg
icons quadrat.jpg

The adaptive logo

Our logo is a flexible element. The distance
between the wordmark and the yellow incubator
shape is variable when needed e.g. to meet a
special page format.
adaptive logo 1.jpg
Regular usage of the logo
adaptive logo 2.jpg
Extended logotype
The incubator shape as layout element

The incubator shape is the central building block of
our visual identity. The shape can be used in various
ways to meet different requirements and to enable
flexible layout solutions.
logo basic.jpg
Basic shape
logo basic 2.jpg
Full version with claim

More Examples

layout style 1.jpg
layout style 2.jpg
layout style 3.jpg
layout style 4.jpg
Usage of the incubator shape

When the incubator shape is used as the
central layout element, the full logo is replaced
with the word mark.
layout black 1.jpg
Usage as layout element in combination with our
logotype e.g. in our stationary materials
layout black 2.jpg
Usage as image container combined with a message
in communication materials


Jennifer Kuerner
Jennifer Kuerner
Brand Manager Chemovator