The adaptive logo

Our logo is a flexible element. The distance
between the wordmark and the yellow incubator
shape is variable when needed e.g. to meet a
special page format.
adaptive logo 1.jpg
Regular usage of the logo
adaptive logo 2.jpg
Extended logotype
The incubator shape as layout element

The incubator shape is the central building block of
our visual identity. The shape can be used in various
ways to meet different requirements and to enable
flexible layout solutions.
Usage of the incubator shape

When the incubator shape is used as the
central layout element, the full logo is replaced
with the word mark.
layout black 1.jpg
Usage as layout element in combination with our
logotype e.g. in our stationary materials
layout black 2.jpg
Usage as image container combined with a message
in communication materials


Jennifer Kuerner
Jennifer Kuerner
Brand Manager Chemovator