Brand Touch Point Training for Brand Experts

Deep Dive into Brand Touch Point Management

What is a brand touch point?

Our brand is one of our most important assets. It creates trust, credibility and contributes significantly to business performance. A brand can realize its full potential only if all those who come into contact with our organization – customers, suppliers, local communities, applicants and many others – experience consistency in the presentation of the BASF brand. It’s not just about advertisements or brochures. Every single point of contact or touch point with the brand is important. So, what are these touch points and which of them are top priority? 


Brand Touch Point Training

Brand touch point training shows you how to identify your brand touch points and manage them in a more effective and goal-directed way. This course teaches you useful practical knowledge about branding in general, the BASF brand, the prioritization of your brand touch points all along the value chain and brand touch point management.

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This brand in a minute video explains brand touch points and their importance.


Target group

Brand Managers, Sales, Marketing or ComCommunity  


Brand Management experts.


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