1 March 2019


ILEVO® seed treatment 


ILEVO® seed treatment is proven to win against the invisible threats and unpredictable damage caused by Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and a broad range of nematodes, including soybean cyst nematodes (SCN). 


Backed by hundreds of field trials and years of use on millions of hectares, ILEVO® gives growers confidence in choosing the first seed treatment to offer immediate protection against two of the most potent yield robbers for soybeans. Even before symptoms are visible, ILEVO® works against SDS both at the site of infection and above ground, and across all life cycle stages of nematodes.


ILEVO® complements SDS-tolerant and nematode-resistant seed varieties and creates the best agronomic solution for peak yield potential in soybeans.  



Erica Yenni
Erica Yenni
Global Strategic Marketing Seed Treatment

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