March 1, 2019

Poncho® Votivo®

Poncho® Votivo® is the most trusted seed treatment worldwide to protect a grower’s most valuable investment: the seed.


Poncho® Votivo® delivers unrivaled insecticidal protection against above- and below-ground pests and enhances growth promotion, leading to higher yield potential for a range of crops, including corn, soybeans, cereals and cotton. Its unique combination of two active ingredients immediately protects the whole plant against the broadest spectrum of pests, including up to two generations of plant-parasitic nematodes. Delivering healthier roots and more uniform stands, Poncho® Votivo® works with the seed’s own traits to create the ideal foundation for high-value plants to thrive regardless of growing conditions.



Erica Yenni
Erica Yenni
Global Strategic Marketing Seed Treatment
The focus areas for the Brazilian AgVentures II fund include software solutions for agriculture. The fund is managed by São Paulo-based SP Ventures and focuses on startups from the Latin American agricultural and food (AgFood) sector. BASF Venture Capital is one of the main investors in the first closing of the fund.
Last Update March 1, 2019