March 1, 2019


Systiva® promotes early vigor and improved plant health – and saves you time for all of your other important activities.

Lasting through the first foliar spray stage, Systiva® seed treatment is the only seed-applied fungicide to combine control of early foliar diseases with excellent protection from soil- and seed-borne diseases. 

Systiva® seed treatment redefines the way growers work in the early season.* As the only seed-applied fungicide to control early foliar disease in a range of crops, including wheat and barley, Systiva® lasts through the first foliar spray stage (T1). This enables growers to optimize farm management, helping them reduce operational complexity, use resources more efficiently and save time for other activities. For increased confidence from the moment of planting, Systiva® delivers continuous, long-lasting protection of the leaves and roots against a broad spectrum of seed-borne, soil-borne and early foliar diseases. By increasing root growth and biomass and enhancing resilience to higher stress, including cold temperatures, Systiva® sets the stage for early vigor and improved plant health, unlocking each seed’s genetic yield potential. 



Erica Yenni
Erica Yenni
Global Strategic Marketing Seed Treatment
Auf dem englischen Hof „The Grange" kombiniert Landwirt Andrew Pitts modernen Nahrungsmittelanbau mit dem Schutz der Artenvielfalt. Der landwirtschaftliche Betrieb ist Teil des europäischen Farm Network, einer von BASF initiierten Partnerschaft. Landwirte, Agrar- und Naturschutzexperten teilen ihr Wissen, entwickeln Maßnahmen für eine optimale nachhaltige Landwirtschaft und testen diese fortwährend.Andrew Pitts prüft die Qualität und Quantität des Ertrags, denn nur durch Profitabilität ist eine nachhaltige Produktion möglich.
Last Update March 1, 2019