September 2, 2019


“This material is more efficient and reacts faster then incumbents, it is a pleasure to see the excitement with customers and to discuss what opportunities this new application profile unlocks.”

Rick Tate, G-EVG/GB, New Business Development Manager at BASF

Boosting well performance.


Flexolution is a flexible modular package of technology, chemistry and service that enables the production of tailored PAM products directly at the customers site supporting growth at best (operational) costs in use and shortest lead time.

Traditionally, polyacrylamide (PAM) is produced in water and then dried to powder form for worldwide shipment, before being diluted with water again at the point of use. This process has some disadvantages: the polymer chains are damaged during the drying step and the product loses performance, drying is very energy and capital intensive and handling of powders at the point of use is not easy due to dust and explosion hazards.

The concept of using local production and diluting the PAM gel solution to a ready-to-use solution without the drying step was born. However, since undried gel contains large amounts of water, transport over long distances is not economical. Therefore, any modular production unit needs to be close to consumption points and needs to be optimized for logistics costs. This required a complete re-design of the production process to ensure safe operation in remote locations. The result is an array of containerized production units that are easy to build, flexible to use and quickly scalable. 

Natalie Saucedo
Natalie Saucedo
Product & Marketing Manager
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Last Update September 2, 2019