May 3, 2010


Neopolen® is an expanded Polyproplyen-Particel-Foam for all lightweight and durable Applications in various industries - it´s “designed for new ideas."


The many properties of Neopolen® make it a versatile engineering material suitable for a wide range of applications in the automotive industry, construction and in reusable-packaging. Once created for lightweight and passive-safety-components in automotive-industry, the engineering material with a many-sided spectrum of properties, performs several functions at once. 


The molded parts of foamed plastic are equally suitable for packaging, for casings, as impact protection and as heat and sound insulation, e. g. for electronic devices and heating equipment. Therefore, new design possibilities are opened up for a range of various products & markets today. 


As re-usable and recyclable lightweight-Foam the Brand helps to reduce the fuel-demand in cars, save resources by multiple use of industrial- and consumer-packaging-solutions and supports the sustainability-idea more than ever. Therefore, more than 95% of the Neopolen® Applications are rated as “Accelerator”.



Christian Muehlbauer
Christian Muehlbauer
Product Management Neopolen
Last Update May 3, 2010