The Brand BASF

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This video tells you more about the brand BASF.
“A strong brand is critically important to BASF’s success. In today’s volatile and fast-changing world, we need to continuously elevate and strengthen our brand to ensure it provides orientation, differentiates us and represents our values in a way that resonates with audiences. As employees we are all ambassadors and can contribute to a positive brand reputation. By living up to what BASF stands for and expressing it consistently, we all strengthen the brand and contribute to our stakeholders’ trust.”

Nina Schwab

Senior Vice President Communications & Government Relations, BASF-Gruppe

Our strategy

At BASF, we are passionate about chemistry and our customers. Thanks to our expertise, our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and the power of our Verbund integration, our innovations have decisively contributed to changing the world we live in for the better for more than 150 years. To be the world’s leading chemical company for our customers, we will grow profitably and add value to society. This is how we create chemistry for a sustainable future.

Today, the world is changing more rapidly than ever before, driven by demographic change and new digital technologies. Our customers in different industries and regions face diverse social and environmental challenges due to limited natural resources and increasing consumer demands. Chemistry is key to solving these challenges.

To reach our goals and be the leading company in the chemical industry for our customers, we want to strengthen our performance in innovation and in operations as the leading chemical producer and plant operator, leverage digital ways of working across the entire company, and integrate sustainability more deeply into our business decisions. We want to strengthen our passion for our customers in all employees. We aim to strengthen our portfolio and further develop our organization to better meet customer needs using the power of our Verbund integration. We have defined six strategic action areas through which we will sharpen our customer focus.

If you want to know more about our action areas, please have a look here.

We create chemistry for a sustainable future





The goal of our brand strategy is to be perceived as a leading brand in the chemical industry. Our BASF value proposition and our brand guiding principles are the tools to ensure that all of our measures contribute to the realization of this goal

Our brand strategy follows the corporate strategy of BASF.


“We create chemistry for a sustainable future” is our corporate purpose. Together with our values "creative" "open", “responsible” and “entrepreneurial” this is the basis for the BASF brand value proposition.

In the brand value proposition, we describe what we do best (competencies) as well as the benefits that we provide for our various stakeholders (benefits) and our values.

In one word, the BASF brand understands itself as “connected” or “verbunden” in German. This one-word equity stands not only for good relationships, value-creating partnerships and close connections with our target groups, but also for our Verbund. We want people to experience that. Globally. 

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This brand in a minute video explains the BASF value proposition.


Here you can download the template for the value proposition.

Every day, people come in contact with the BASF brand in a variety of ways. In order to allow people to experience the essence of our brand anytime, anywhere, some simple guiding principles have been developed.

The former brand rules were converted into guiding principles that still are based on the BASF Value Proposition. Five simple questions help to fill our brand with life and create a consistent and credible brand experience. This means anywhere our target groups encounter the BASF brand.

Living our brand is an important task of every employee.

Make use of our guiding principles to create or improve your brand touch points!



Here you can download the template for the guiding principles.

Measuring the success of the brand

Communication is effective. You can measure how effective it is by using the appropriate tools. Thanks to the Global Communication Dashboard we have developed our own comprehensive tool for measuring our success in order to provide us with truly relevant and meaningful results.

With the help of the dashboard, we can learn how the BASF brand is perceived within the target groups. This allows us to further refine the brand profile and develop strategies that constantly improve our brand status.

One of the most important analyses offered by the dashboard tells us about the BASF brand status. It is based on extensive interviews with a global target group, and it explores our brand in terms of trust and brand awareness. It determines the current positioning, perception and strength of our brand.


Corporate languages at BASF Group

By decision of the Board of Executive Directors, German and U.S. English are the two corporate languages of the BASF Group. The usage of the two languages should both be correct in terms of generally applicable rules and consistent in compliance with corporate standards. This helps get messages across effectively. The rules, standards and guidelines available here are intended to encourage correct and consistent usage of the two corporate languages (access only for BASF employees).


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