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Brand Champions

Brand Champions represent the corporate umbrella brand BASF and are the primary contact regarding all brand related topics in their division, business and functional units and sites. 

Being a brand champion for me means exchanging and connecting with and learning from other divisions how to jointly develop and further strengthen the brand of BASF.

Heike Scheurer

Ex-Brand Champion


Additonally there is a Regional Brand Champion in each region.

A regional brand champion supports and consults all brand champions and is a contact person for all brand related topics in the respective region. The regional brand champion is an important link between his/her region and the team Corporate Brand Strategy & Implementation. 

Always on a mission to serve my colleagues and create the ultimate brand experience, but I also follow the rules and ask for clarity in how we communicate to shield PM from any harm and loss in reputation.”  

Stefan Bueldt

Ex-Brand Champion


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