Brand Managers

Brand Managers represent "their" individual brand(s) and are operationally responsible. They closely align with the brand champions who take care of the corporate brand BASF. 

A Brand Manager:

  • evaluates the individual brand position within the BASF Corporate Brand Architecture
  • develops the value proposition of his individual brand
  • creates and regularly reviews individual brand concepts/strategy to position and maintain the brand(s)
  • represents the brand and is operationally responsible for the individual brand 
  • is a multiplier
  • shapes all internal and external brand touch points of the brand by actively conducting brand touch point management
  • enables a globally consistent brand experience
  • coordinates and steer the correct use of the brand(s) within their division
  • monitors the success of the brand(s)
  • closely collaborates with Corporate Brand Management, Brand Champions and communication experts
„Being the Brand Manager for Care Creations is a matter close to my heart..."
Brand Manager_Yvonne Specht_Care Creations.png
Yvonne Specht
Brand Manager for Care Creations


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