BASF in Third Parties' Media


When our corporate brand appears as a partner in a brand alliance, – with external partners or on other cooperation – the best possible representation of the BASF brand must be ensured. On the one hand, the BASF brand’s relation to the partner’s brand(s) must be expressed. On the other hand, the BASF logo must be displayed correctly.

As a rule, BASF’s and possibly other partner’s roles are made clear in a relationship statement placed near the logo. This relationship statement must highlight the benefit of the BASF product/component for the target audience (see the green example below). The statement should be clear and understandable for the people who will read that text. Additional texts related to BASF can also be added as long as they do not weaken the perception of BASFs role and logo.

BASF appears in relation to one or more third party brands, but the BASF brand must not be perceived as part of one or more third party brands.

With any questions regarding the legal aspects of third parties using BASF brands please contact GBI/L.

DMa1_Zeichenfläche 1.png
Example of a brand alliance for the BASF corporate umbrella brand​
DMa2_Zeichenfläche 1.png
Example of a brand alliance with a Companion brand (former field 2,3 brand)

Place a short text next to the partner logo which communicates the relation between the brands and the contribution the partner makes. For example: "Sponsored by", "In cooperation with", "Supported by", "Exclusive distributor of BASF for (product) in region/country" or "Produced based on the innovative technology by BASF", etc.

It is also always an advantage if the relationship statement shows what BASF's value contribution is in this alliance. The value contribution should give a short and precise and if possible sober, i.e. without "advertising language", reference to a product or a product property. An example is "Does the ... contain product XYZ from BASF".

If not the corporate brand, but a single product supports the message of the brand alliance, then this brand appears as text (example Basotect) within the relationship statement. 

The texts must support the perception of the role of BASF and the BASF logo. For this reason, the font size of the relationship statement should be at most as large as the claim. Furthermore, attention must be paid to the minimum free space around the BASF logo and sufficient distance of the text to the edge of the color surface.

DMa3_Zeichenfläche 1.png
Example for a relationship statement

The decision whether the relationship statement is placed inside or outside the color surface depends on the given conditions. Placing the relationship statement in the same color space as the logo illustrates the connection between the two elements.

If, according to the circumstances, it is possible to place the relationship statement only outside the color area, the text can also occupy different positions. The logo and the relationship statement should not appear on printed or patterned backgrounds.

DMa4_Zeichenfläche 1.png
Examples for distributor branding

The color of the background for the logo should be the corporate color, which is in good contrast to the given background on which it is placed.

DMa5_Zeichenfläche 1.png
Example for a preferred placement of the white logo on a dark background
DMa6_Zeichenfläche 1.png
Example for a preferred placement of the black logo on a light background

If, in the given situation, different partners have different roles, they always have to be adapted to the given conditions. However, the minimum free space around the BASF logo must always be observed.


Whether in sponsoring, cooperation or sales partnerships or when naming a reference – we want to use not only the BASF logo, but also our corporate colors more prominently in all communication.

To ensure optimal implementation of both the logo and the corporate colors, we have structured the best possible forms for the display of the BASF brand by external partners as follows:

Please check size ratios to ensure that the roles are clearly defined also in the visual appearance: 

  • Other equal sponsors appear in the same optical “weighting”.
  • Differences between primary and secondary sponsors and other categories are clear.

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