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The BASF Logo

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Components of the BASF Logo


Color and Background

The background adds emphasis

Our BASF logo has no color of its own. The BASF logo does not include a corporate color. The impression of color is created by the background color:

Use in molding, embossing and etching
If color cannot be used, the BASF logo in its original form can be etched, embossed (raised or imprinted) or reproduced for molds. In these cases, it must always appear flat, never as a contour.

Blank space

Measurements for minimum blank space around BASF logo


Rules for use

  • The BASF logo always appears with a minimum distance to other elements. This blank space may not be violated by other graphic elements, e. g. images or text.
  • The minimum blank space on all sides equals 1/6 of the width of the logo.
  • A distance equal to 1/6 of the width of the logo must also be maintained to the edge of the format.






Minimum size

Rules for use

  • The logo can never appear without the claim.
  • The claim must always be clearly legible. The minimum width of the BASF logo is 15 mm (0.6 in).




Avoid 3D effects

The BASF logo is always depicted in the same layer as its background, without any 3D effects. If it is necessary to cut the logo components out of e.g. a plastic board, select the minimum thickness of the material to limit the 3D effects and shadows at the edges of the logo components.


Contact and feedback

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