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Trade fairs

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Trade fair booths

Design of trade fair booths: All general rules of our corporate design are applied at trade shows, fairs and events. 

  • The BASF logo is displayed in a logo bar or on a corporate colored space, prominent in size.
  • The logo bar layout is marking our company as sender of all messages on all trade booths. If there are several divisions and units present at one booth, the common BASF presence is in focus. 
  • The logo bars have to be placed in a way that it is possible to recognize our logo from all important directions in a prominent way. The number of logos and logo bars shown has to be determined based on that aspect. 

  • All six corporate colors are available for the design of a trade fair booth. One of six should be chosen to be the main corporate color for one booth. 
  • In reasonable cases there can be a second or third corporate color used, e.g. for the segmentation of the booth or highlights.

  • On vertical (portrait-format) surfaces the BASF logo can be rotated 90° (so that it can be read from bottom to top). 
  • The effect of the logo design must not be altered through lighting effects, 3D effects or animation.

If there is already a prominent branding visible at events and fairs, it is possible to skip the branding of every single item, e.g. posters, videos and presentation that are shown always within this already branded context. 


If an individual brand is an important part of your exhibition, its logo can be displayed inside of the logo bar next to the BASF logo. 

Steffen Hamm
Klaus Gödert

Corporate events    

Events that connect people

The corporate design shall as well be applied for the visual stage design at internal and external events. 

The elements logo bar, speaker's desk and projection screen form the basis of the visual stage design at internal and external events.


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Ina Ruhland
Steffen Hamm


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