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Business Cards


Name and title

Academic degrees (e.g. “M.S. Chemistry”, “MBA”) do not appear on business cards. If for business or market reasons the degree must appear in the business cards of a division, it is placed directly under the name, before the information on the function. 

Job titles

The function consists of three parts.

The recipient must be able to recognize clearly the employee’s responsibility within the BASF Group. Including the name of the organizational unit can be helpful, but is not mandatory. BASF’s matrix organization requires naming the global, regional or local scope of the employee’s responsibilities to prevent misunderstandings. National or local terms used in company titles are determined regionally. If a function is held by more than one person, the unit should be added (not: Foreman, but Foreman, South Pump Station). 


Back with promotional add

The back of the business card may remain blank. However, you may also use the back for the following additional information: 

  • Second address 
  • Additional language versions 
  • Social media references 
  • Promotional messages

  • Business cards are printed on white, smooth cardboard, approx. 250g/m² in weight. 
  • The format is 85x54 mm. 


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