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Business letter

Always use the Word Wizard to ensure updated legal information in the header and footer. 

If the Wizard is not available, you can download it from the Company Portal or Software Center. You can also use the templates from the Downloadcenter.


Business letter

Standard template for business correspondence.


Personal letter paper

Authorized company representatives use the letter paper for non-business-related correspondence.



  • We use white, uncoated, smooth paper in 80-90 g/m2 for business letters. 
  • Letter paper for a company’s management can be heavy, coated, high-quality paper, which should be smooth and white. 
  • This specification is valid for both US letter and DIN A4 format.

Business letters with defined space for additional element.

Text and additional graphic elements are aligned on the right at the footer of the letter paper:

  • Quality Management certificates (certificate logo, information on the certified unit, certificate number, certifying body) 
  • Membership in industry association 
  • Reference to an anniversary 
  • For individual brands: it is possible to place the individual logo next to the BASF logo seperated by the vertical divider 


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