Visualization of the Brand Architecture

The evaluation of all brands of the BASF is based on the dimensions credibility and relevance. Specific rules for the design are derived from the assignment of the individual brands.


BASF Verbund Brands

  • High credibility under the Corporate Brand BASF.
  • Wordmark without any additional design elements.
  • We use the Corporate Design of the Corporate Brand BASF.



    Companion brands

  • The value propositions refer to the Corporate Brand BASF and the individual brand in equal shares. Both brands appear equally prominent.
  • The depiction of the individual brand is made through its own logo.
  • In the logo bar the individual logos are placed next to the  Corporate Brand BASF and separated by a white divider. 



    Satellite brands


  • The focus is on the individual brand and therefore it is more dominant.
  • Independent corporate design. 
  • The affiliation with BASF must always be communicated via a textual endorsement in close vicinity to the logo.
  • Feld4.png


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