The Nunhems logo and name are registered in all countries where BASF is doing business with vegetables seeds.

  • Registered trademarks are used in the way they are registered and marked with ®
  • A ® sign indicates that the trademark has been successfully registered. If the trademark is still in application and has not yet been registered, you can use TM.
  • The Nunhems logo is always used with the ® sign
  • The Nunhems brand name in texts appear in the same typography as the surrounding text.
    • As the brand is a registered trademarks of BASF, it additionally includes ®
    • This use of the ® sign can be limited to the first mention in the text, on websites it should be renewed on every new window
    • In a footnote the ® or TM is explained:     ® / TM = (Registered) Trademark of Nunhems BV

For more information please consult your contact person at Legal or your brand manager.


Marle Roose-Vissenberg
Marle Roose-Vissenberg
Brand and Channel Manager
Nunhems Netherlands BV
Napoleonsweg 152
6083 AB Nunhem
the Netherlands