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Business cards

The tool for identification and contact

  • BASF colleagues from different group companies can identify themselves as representatives of the joint brand BASF through similarly designed business cards.

  • The following applies to employees whose functions are related to a Companion brand (former field 2,3 brand): Companion brands may appear with their logo next to the BASF logo separated by a line.  

  • Text, rules of the respective language and regulations are agreed upon individually between every purchaser of a business card and his superior.

  • The back of the business card can be used for an additional language version or advertising information concerning the individual brand. In that case the guidelines for advertisements apply. 



Legal regulations and standards define this communication material

Letterheads consistently represent the brand in all BASF group companies.  
To letters with content which solely refer to Companion brands (former field 2,3 brands) applies the following:


Business letter
The standard template for business correspondence; legal requirements for business communication apply here. Optionally, the Companion brand can appear next to the BASF logo. 


Letter paper for the Board of Executive Directors

A variation of the business letter with special identification of the company’s Board of Executive Directors. Because this role is not related to a Companion brand, the logo of a brand like this is not shown here. In the content of such letter the brand can be named textually. 


Personal letter paper

Authorized company representatives use it for non-business related correspondence. Because this role is not related to a Companion brand, the logo of a brand like this is not shown here. In the content of such letter the brand can be named textually.


Advertising letter, direct mailing

Advertising letters, i.e. mass mail for advertising purposes in market communication, are not personally signed. They are designed according to the rules for media without a cover page. For Companion brands, the logo appears next to the BASF logo.


Standard Envelopes

Blank or printed envelope?

  • Envelopes do not play an important role as brand touchpoints.
  • Providing a return address is normally the reason for printing on envelopes. Here, the BASF logo can be incorporated without additional costs. Companion brands (former field 2,3 brands) are not displayed as a logo, as they represent products or services rather than the sender.  
  • The return address with the BASF logo always has the same size and is located in the upper left-hand corner regardless of the size and orientation of the envelope or address label. 
  • Information regarding products or services may appear on envelopes when it is part of the sender’s name. 
  • If the edition does not warrant printing on envelopes, the address and BASF logo may be displayed on an address label. 
  • The BASF logo is not displayed in the letter window or on the postage stamp. Here, the brand name BASF can be displayed in text form instead. 
  • For envelopes within the market and corporate communication the logo bar layout applies.

Advertising Envelopes

Market communication of Companion brands with the logo bar layout:

If advertising is printed on envelopes with the intention of using them as a brand touch point and therefore conveying an advertising message following applies:

  • The design area corresponds to an ad and uses the logo bar layout.

  • The Companion brand’s logo appears in the defined size (documented in the design guidelines of the respective individual brand) in the logo bar, together with the BASF logo.  

  • Another feature is the inclusion of the return address for the return of undeliverable advertising letters.



Clearly identifiable means to an end

  • The layout defined for BASF Verbund Brands (former field 1 brands) forms the basis of the design of Companion brands (former field 2,3 brands).
  • The key difference from BASF Verbund Brands forms is that the logo of the Companion brands is shown in the bottom right of the form format. 
  • Addition of the Companion brands is optional. Forms designed in accordance with BASF Verbund Brands may also be used for content that relates to Companion brands. The Companion brand can be named as text in this.



Electronic mail with an appropriate signature and address

  • The content in e-mails corresponds to the content in business letters which is why the signature of any e-mail address follows the legal guidelines for the sender’s information at the foot of business letters.
  • The BASF logo and the Companion brand (former field 2,3 brands) are the graphic element in the signature (between contact details and legal information). 
  • Exceptions are evaluated brand alliances. Brand alliance designs including the alliance design can be placed below the end of the e-mail signature.

Using personal e-mail addresses and function addresses correctly

Companion brands always represent products and/or services, never an organization. This means that they are not suitable for identifying the sender of an e-mail. The BASF corporate brand is used for this purpose.

Employees whose function refers to a product or service brand can use a second e-mail address for such e-mails, with the following structure:  or


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