Value Proposition


We are :

the tool for BASF

 to test early stage business ideas and
 to explore unconventional growth opportunities

We deliver :

de-risked and investable business plans

 for BASF to internalize or
 for BASF form spin-off companies with significant ownership

We do :

have a startup mindest – fast, lean & customer focused

 empower employees to take ownership and grow as entrepreneurs
 work outside corporate boundaries
use conventional resources


For our Venture Teams we provide a protected space to dream big, take risk, and pursue their business idea with entrepreneurial drive.


For BASF we are the tool to test unconventional business ideas that deal with high degrees of uncertainty and risk.

Free from classical corporate boundaries we act fast, lean and access unconventional resources. We empower employees to take ownership of their ideas and grow as entrepreneurs and business leaders.


In 2021, we want to be the global place-to-go for all BASF employees for the joint experimentation with unconventional growth opportunities and creation of innovative products and services around chemistry.


Chemovator is the protected space for all BASF-employees to turn their idea around chemistry into thriving businesses.


1. Ownership

We want you to take ownership of your project and take responsibility for your decisions.

2. Willingness to take risk
We call on you to take brave commitments and we do not shy away from risk.

3. Speed
Fast testing of assumptions and quick decisions are the base for our operations.

4. Focus on the market
As a business incubator, we put the customer first and solve relevant problems.

5. Learning culture
We accept mistakes as part of the game and share learnings to continuously improve us and others.

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Jennifer Kuerner
Jennifer Kuerner
Brand Manager Chemovator