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Rebranding is an important workstream in an integration. Based on the experience of previous integrations, it is highly advisable to develop an accompanying communications plan focusing on transparency for all employees with regards to the measures that need to be taken and the timeline for implementation of those measures.

Joint effort is necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

  • The first influencing criteria for the Branding Strategy are the seller’s terms and conditions concerning the acquired brands and brand name.

  • The second important factor for the Branding Strategy is the decision of the BASF board concerning the company brand, influenced by the contract, based on due diligence information and driven by the overall BASF strategy. In former integrations this decision was always made at an early point.

  • Together with the integration experts from Legal, Business and Communications, a Brand Transition and Integration Plan must be developed and in place at the time of Legal Closing.

  • BASF supports a Brand Management Strategy in conjunction with the BASF Brand Architecture, in which the majority of the company’s products and services are branded “BASF”.

  • In almost all cases, acquired companies or businesses will be integrated into the Brand Architecture System to capitalize on the name, recognition and reputation inherent in the BASF brand.

  • Closing Dates
  • Integration plan
  • Legal Entity Change

  • Websites – Disclaimer
  • Footer
  • Letter heads
  • Picture rights
  • Licences
  • Brand evaluation (Trademark check – financial value)

  • Email addresses
  • Packaging
  • Naming
  • Brand evaluation (Brand Architecture)
  • Footer

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