Individual Brands

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The Design Guideline—Base for a Consistent Brand Appearance Across all Touch Points / Brand Presence


The design for an evaluated individual brand has to be documented/registered and communicated in a Design Guideline in order to enable a correct implementation of the brand. 


Responsible for the creation, care and communication of the design guideline of an individual brand is the respective Brand Manager. The brand consultants are happy to help in this matter. After the approval by the brand consultants the design guideline has to be published in the intranet of the respective division of the individual brand.

"Being a Brand Manager for Hexamoll® DINCH is a lot of fun as I am able to work with colleagues from various regions and functions. That way, I even get insights into local end-customer markets. Together, we create value for our customers and for BASF e.g. by offering brand alliances.

The job offers a great variety and never gets boring: from creativity to legal questions – a brand manager works in a very diverse area. For that, the internal BASF Brand Community helps to generate new ideas by fostering a cross-divisional exchange."

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Sara Wierling

Ex-Brand Manager Hexamoll® DINCH

This belongs in a design guideline:

The elements highlighted in bold should be contained in each design guideline. All others serve as a suggestion. 

  • Brand Value Proposition

  • Guiding Principles

  • Logo (shape, free space, color versions)
  • Colors (poss. definition of relevant corporate colors to be used with this brand)
  • Size and placement of the logo / application in the logo band design
  • Definition of the colors of the logo band
  • Typography
  • Pronunciation of the brand
  • Visual Style, photography
  • Visual Style, Icons
  • Product names/Nomenclature
  • Tables
  • Do's and don'ts
  • Presentations


  • News release
  • Letterhead and second page
  • Letterhead of management
  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Forms

  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • Website-banner
  • Apps
  • Social Media
  • E-Newsletters

  • Brochure
  • Newsletter
  • Flyer
  • Technical information
  • Advertisements
  • Poster
  • Roll-up-banners

  • Bags
  • Labels
  • ...

  • Ballpoints
  • USB stick
  • ...

  • Automobile
  • Truck

  • Stand design
  • Roll-Up
  • Pop-Up
  • Apparel

  • Brand alliance design
  • BASF individual brand as publisher with partner brand
  • Partner brand as publisher with BASF individual brand
  • Mutual publishing

  • Brandmanager
  • Communicator

Brand Strategy Process

Essential Basis for a Consistent and Efficient Brand Management

As a brand strategy is the basis for a consistent brand management, it is obligatory to develop a brand strategy for each individual brand. The strategy should define medium to long-term decisions enabling the long-term increase of brand value.
The process supported by the brand consultant facilitates the strategy development.


Submission form for Individual Brands

Webpage submission form for Individual Brands

We want to showcase each individual brand in our Brand Portal by creating an overview page

While the strategy for Companion brands is linked very closely to the corporate brand strategy, the degree of individualization increases with the increasing importance of the single brand for their target groups (Companion and Satellite brand); but without losing the reference to the Corporate Brand BASF.


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