Brand in 3D

Brand in 3D enables worldwide a brand experience at many touch points. This conveys lively our value proposition and contributes to a consistence brand experience.

The use of brand-strengthening elements used in the design of buildings, rooms, interior fittings, etc. is determined by their life span.

Materials, structures, colors and other design elements should be evaluated and used in line with our guiding principles.

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This brand in a minute video explains the idea of brand in 3D and how to implement the BASF brand in such way.

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The BASF Brand Value Proposition and Guiding Principles are the foundation

of Brand in 3D.



Focus topics like innovation and sustainability are not only communicated lively through posters, pictures, presentations and brochures but ideally as well through objects, integrated materials in furnitures, floorings or walls.


Objects and architectural structures with a long life span shall be designed in a sustainable and timeless manner. Sustainability issues can be taken up in communication tools as well by the type of materials used. 

For orientation regarding the regionally differing sustainability standards please see the 

Customer orientation

The customer should feel that he is in focus.

We offer solutions to different challenges and situations. Various interior designs contribute to divers working methods and benefit creative solutions for and with our customer.



The consistent usage of our corporate design strengthens the recognition of our brand.

The corporate colors serve as accents and create together with the BASF logo a visual connection to our brand.


Our one word equity “connected” can easily be expressed in the design of all rooms in which exchange and partnership with customers and colleagues are fostered (offices, meeting rooms, coffee kitchen).

Connections Pattern

The 'connections pattern' offers an exceptional, graphical possibility to express connectivity and was inspired by our history, products and sites. The pattern can be rendered in 2D and 3D and used across a wide variety of applications: on walls, on fabric, as a tile, for glass frosting, etc. It can be manipulated in size and color to your needs.



The zip files are available in DWG format. DWG is a proprietary binary file format for storing two- and three-dimensional design data and metadata. It is the native format for multiple CAD packages.

Construction of the Creation Center in Ludwigshafen


Entrance areas

The feeling of having arrived at BASF

Entrance areas are an important brand touch point. This is where the brand BASF has to be expressed with all key elements of the Corporate Design.

This can be done with low budget measures like hanging up posters, placing exhibits, showing BASFs publications or using branded glasses and coffee cups.

The usage of corporate colors on walls, furniture and fabrics can also set a course and support in the recognition of the BASF brand.

Entrance area in D105 in Ludwigshafen


The life cycle concept is the basis of implementing Brand in 3D

The life cycle concept helps to determine where to integrate the strongest expressions of the brand in corporate architecture and design in a cost effective way.

Long life cycle items such as buildings should be neutral and long-lasting whereas short life cycle items such as office supplies can make use of all corporate design elements to express our brand.


Contact for Brand in 3D

Annegret Liebscht
GBH/IB - Senior Specialist Brand Consultancy
Klaus Gödert
GBH/IM Service Fairs and Design

For the planning and creation of buildings please get in touch with Real Estate and Facility Management GBE/VLY.


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