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In all communication materials, one of the corporate colors is to be used as the prominent color.

All other corporate colors can be used as supporting colors, e.g. for bullet points, separating lines etc. Please always ensure that the overall effect of the media is homogeneous and does not appear randomly colorful.

The corporate colors are used only in media, in market and corporate communication material. In applications that fulfill a purely functional or informational purpose and do not serve in market and corporate communications, we have consciously chosen not to use a color (e.g. internal signage or building signs).


Use only one corporate color per communication material whenever possible. Additional corporate colors are only used for the effective differentiation of respective contents.

Color definition
brilliant colors in all media

In order to ensure a uniform appearance of all colors in all media, we have defined the color values for various color systems.

We recommend four-color printing (CMYK) for printing on paper. Printing with a spot color (e. g. one spot color and black) should only be done when four-color printing is not cost-effective.

Four-color printing (CMYK) is the reference color system for establishing the BASF corporate colors. The most similar colors possible for other color systems have been determined. Due to the limited selection in other color systems, these colors will never match the original CMYK colors perfectly.

The defined color value of the respective corporate color is used for the logo bar.


The definition of the corporate colors is based on CMYK as most communication materials are produced in four-colour printing.

Other color systems merely allow approximations of these colors.

* Slight difference from CMYK color.

** Some difference from CMYK color.

*** Significant difference from CMYK color.

Brand colors


BASF light blue


CMYK coated, uncoated

sRGB decimal 33/160/210
Hexadecimal #21A0D2

PANTONE coated

PANTONE uncoated

2925 C *
2995 U *
RAL RAL 5012 Light blue

HKS 3000 coated

HKS 3000 uncoated

47 K-70-30 **

47 N-90-0 *

NCS S 1560-R90B

BASF dark blue


CMYK coated, uncoated

sRGB dezimal 0/74/150
Hexadezimal #004A96

PANTONE coated

PANTONE uncoated

Reflex Blue C ***
Reflex Blue U ***
RAL RAL 5002 Ultramarine blue

HKS 3000 coated

HKS 3000 uncoated

42 K-80-30 *

42 N-100-10 *

NCS S 4055-R70B

BASF light green


CMYK coated, uncoated

sRGB decimal 101/172/30
Hexadecimal #65AC1E

PANTONE coated

PANTONE uncoated

369 C **
376 U ***
RAL RAL 6018 Yellow green

HKS 3000 coated

HKS 3000 uncoated

67 K-100-30 *

67 N-100-1 *

NCS S 2075-G30Y

BASF dark green


CMYK coated, uncoated

sRGB decimal 0/121/58
Hexadecimal #00793A

PANTONE coated

PANTONE uncoated

356 C *
355 U **
RAL RAL 6032 Signal green

HKS 3000 coated

HKS 3000 uncoated

57 K-90-30 *

57 N-90-10 *

NCS S 3065-G10Y

BASF orange


CMYK coated, uncoated

sRGB decimal 243/149/0
Hexadecimal #F39500

PANTONE coated

PANTONE uncoated

144 C **
144 U **
RAL RAL 1007 Daffodil yellow

HKS 3000 coated

HKS 3000 uncoated

6 K-80-10 ***

6 N-80-10 ***

NCS S 1080-Y30R

BASF red


CMYK coated, uncoated

sRGB decimal 197/0/34
Hexadecimal #C50022

PANTONE coated

PANTONE uncoated

187 C **
1797 U ***
RAL RAL 3031 Orient red

HKS 3000 coated

HKS 3000 uncoated

15 K-100-10 *

15 N-100-10 *

NCS S 1580-Y90R

Hair- and Skincolors


RGB 252/191/146
CMYK 0/32/45/0


RGB 237/171/24
CMYK 6/36/94/0


RGB 192/87/57
CMYK 19/74/79/8


RGB 196/103/58
CMYK 26/60/79/19


RGB 96/36/6
CMYK 38/84/96/58


RGB 163/163/163
CMYK 38/29/30/8


RGB 63/63/63
CMYK 66/56/53/58


In general only one prominent corporate color should be used. This means we avoid the random combination of colors in our design.


The color system used as a reference for the BASF corporate colors is four color print (ISO coated). The values are given in percent values of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.



PANTONE® is a registered trademark of Pantone Inc.


HKS 3000

HKS 3000 is based on defined HKS colors (e. g. “6 K-80-10” is 80% HKS 6 K and 10% black). HKS® is a registered trademark of HKS Warenzeichenverband e. V. (Hostmann-Steinberg, K+E, Schmincke), Stuttgart, Germany.


Plastics, Ceramics, Textiles

The colors have been established for printing on paper. For other materials, e. g. plastics, ceramics or textiles, as well as for other production processes, the colors must be adjusted in the print shop to ensure the best possible reproduction of the corporate colors.


Black and White Print

Black and white printing is permissible only if the corporate colors cannot be used for budget reasons or if no corporate colors have been defined for that particular media (e. g. business letter papers).



Monitor values are given in sRGB values.

sRGB is the standard color system for computer monitors, color and photo printers for home and office use, Microsoft Windows, Office programs and W3C web standards.



The RAL Classic and NCS color systems do not have enough shades to correctly produce the square components of the BASF logo and the color bar of the banderole. The correct colors are achieved by mixing the full-tone color with pure white.

Last Update February 13, 2023


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