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  • For non-latinized writing systems the responsible specialist function of the respective regional division defines the typeface which is to be used according to the same criteria.

New Helvetica

Using BASF’s Corporate Typeface

We use the eight fonts of New Helvetica shown here because of their excellent legibility and their timeless design features. They are well suited for all topics and themes we address.

Any of these fonts can be used if no exceptions have been defined for the media you are creating.

All companies operating under the BASF corporate brand use the corporate typeface. Other companies may have different rules.

Note: Helvetica Condensed type faces have been dropped due to license restrictions and are no longer to be used.



for office communication

For office communication we use Arial in order to ensure an optimal exchange of standard office documents.

The attributes italic, bold and bold italic can be used if they support the content.

Arial Rounded and Arial Black must not be used, as they do not resemble the New Helvetica typographically, and therefore not support the perception of the BASF brand.



for digital applications

For digital applications we can use as well Roboto in order to ensure a correct display. It is not recommended for communication materials though.

Impermissible use of Roboto Condensed because they don't correspond typographically to the New Helvetica.

Please note that, for data protection reasons, you should always use the static version of Roboto. If you wish to use Roboto Variable Font, please contact Florian Twardy (CL).


Alternative font

for non-latin writing systems

For countries with non-latin writing systems the responsible specialist function of the respective regional division defines the typeface which is to be used.


Font licences

Be aware that the Corporate Fonts are licenced.

The procurement of font files is handled the same way as the procurement of other software. The licenses are managed centrally by GD. Passing font files to external partners is impermissible. Individual brands need to assure respective licensing for their used fonts.

Contact for licenses:

Contact for mobile applications:


BASF Employees

In BASF Group, the font files can be obtained via via Service4You. Please consider the monthly license costs if you want to purchase the fonts. For further information or questions you can also contact


Extern Parties

Designers, agencies and other external parties who create artwork or publications for a BASF group company, have to purchase a license for the New Helvetica fonts.


Text Layouts

Create recognizability: less is more

For most communication materials it is sufficient to use a small variety of type weights or sizes. Here, typography supports the messaging hierarchy.

  • Format body copy in light and with adequate leading.
  • Do not tighten or loosen tracking.
  • Paragraph spacing uses a single hard return, as does the header.
  • Subtitles must be the same leading as body copy.
  • Use corporate colors sparingly to create emphasis or messaging hierarchy.
  • Always use black for body copy on a white background, and white when reversed out of a corporate color.
  • In long and very complex documents, when creating a new paragraph, use an indent at the start of each new paragraph, unless it is preceded by a subtitle. In this case, use a full line break between paragraphs.


Contact and feedback

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