Key Visuals

A Key Visual is a guiding theme and key message that translates into a symbolic image to support a brand, campaign or even unit and OD.

It can be visualized through a diverse set of communication materials, such as graphical, figurative or 3-dimensional elements like icons or images, highlighting the main message in a unique way. Therefore the visualization does not need to consist of only on image.


A Key Visual is not...

When establishing a Key Visual make sure it covers the following characteristics.


Former Senior Project Next Generation Business Architecture (NGBA)

The NGBA Key Visual was a rocket. It symbolized a new beginning, exploring new worlds, optimism and a focus on the future – all of which were aspects that the former Senior Project NGBA also stands for.

Note: This Key Visual is not longer used.


How a Key Visual can support your overall message

Developing a Key Visual is supposed to be a creative, yet strategic process that helps to define an element that is highly connected to your brand or product.

A Key Visual is useful when ...

  • You follow one main message you would like your audience to understand.
  • You know and understand the needs of your target group so that a Key Visual will resonate with them.
  • You want to support your brand or project on an emotional level.
  • You got a long-term project, that will, over time, build up a connection towards the Key Visual which gets recognized by your customers.
  • You have multiple channels and touchpoints and plan on a high level of implementation.

How to develop a Key Visual

There are 5 major steps you need to take, when you want to develop a Key Visual: