Distributor branding

The BASF brand alliance guidelines and approval process apply to Vegetable Seeds distributor branding. A brand alliance check has to ensure the best possible appearance of the BASF and Nunhems brands.

Please follow the brand alliance process as defined in the BASF Brand portal


1. Brand alliance check (form) guided by Brand Champions and supported by brand consultant

2. Documentation of alliance check results

3. Brand alliance contract by legal consultant

4. Visualization, implementation and monitoring


In order to build or intensify a brand relationship with a distributor, first of all contact the Legal Department to draw up a distributor contract. Please keep your Brand Manager informed so that he can assist you on the branding guidelines depending the Go-to-Market strategy.  

Afterwards, the contract will be approved and you will provide the distributor with all necessary data via your communications unit. Please inform the distributor that he must submit the promotion materials that he wishes to use with our trademark before the usage. 

Please contact your Brand Manager for more details. The Legal Department is available to answer general questions about distributor contracts.



The brand alliance guidelines apply to exclusive and non-exclusive partner dealers. A Trademark Agreement needs to be drawn up as an extra annex to the distributor contract. Please contact your legal department.

BASF and third party brands appear together

The most important question when designing brand alliances is: Who is the publisher of the communication material? For the Nunhems brand there are two possible answers: 

BASF is the publisher

The partner is the publisher

The partner’s brand appears less prominent in our media

The customer should understand which part the partner plays in the BASF Nunhems communication material and what his contribution is.

  • Our Corporate and Nunhems Design makes up the basis of the entire communication material’s design. This ensures that BASF is perceived as the publisher. 
  • Logos of partners’ brands must be sized so they are not perceived more prominently than the BASF brands’ logos.
  • A short text is placed near the logo of an alliance partner’s brand clarifying the distribition relationship between the brands. 
  • As a rule, no third parties’ brands must appear as part of the stationery of a BASF group company. The only exceptions are industry associations and certification authorities. Displaying them on BASF letterheads is optional.

The partner’s brand appears in the partner’s media

The customer should understand which part BASF plays in the partner’s communication material and how he benefits from that.

  • The BASF Nunhems logo is displayed in white on a orange colored, rectangular background. The preferred logo is the vertical orange logo combination.
  • Its size must be chosen in a way which ensures that BASF cannot be erroneously confused with the publisher of the communication material. 
  • A short text is placed near the BASF Nunhems logo, making BASF’s role in relation to the partner brand clear and if possibly expressing BASF’s contribution.
  • Depending on the wording of this text and whether it only relates to BASF or to other alliance partners as well, the text should be placed outside the colored block with the BASF Nunhems logo.


Marle Roose-Vissenberg
Marle Roose-Vissenberg
Brand and Channel Manager
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