• Giveaways should be selected on the basis that they reflect BASF’s brand value proposition as well as that of the respective Companion brand (former field 2,3 brand). The brand rules are used to check whether a giveaway represents a link between BASF and the values of innovation, sustainability and partnership.
  • The general rules of Corporate Design apply for giveaways. Whether the logo bar layout should be used depends on the selected giveaway. When it is possible the logo bar layout applies. Otherwise both logos stand next to each other on a colored background. 
  • BASF logos on giveaways must have a minimum width of 15mm. The size ratio between the BASF logo and the Companion brand's logo is the same as in other media (see the design definitions of the respective individual brand on the Intranet).
Giveaways of a Companion brand

Appearance of Companion brands on Giveaways


The logos of Companion brands can appear prominently on giveaways as long as the BASF logo also appears.

Additional individual design elements support the communication of specific contents and messages for individual brands.

You will find the rules for use of these brand dependent design elements in the design guidelines of the respective individual brands. If these are not provided in the list of approved individual brands yet, you can contact the responsible brand manager of the respective Companion brand.


Clothes and Equipment

An expression of identification and competence 

The employer is shown as a brand on clothing and items of equipment. If necessary, Companion brands (former field 2,3 brands) can be part of texts which are embroidered on clothes or attached as a patch. Their logo does not appear on this means of communication.

You can find definitions for how to show the BASF logo on clothing and items of equipment in the Clothing and Equipment section in the media-specific rules for implementing the BASF brand.


  • Names can be embroidered on work clothes or pinned on with a badge. The Companion brand's logo can be displayed next to the BASF logo in the logo bar separated by a divider.
  • There is no limitation on form, orientation and size. This choice is made based on the purpose and availability of such products.
  • The scope of personal information displayed depends on the event. Possible information could be: first and last name, academic degree, business related title, function, group company/ company name, site, country.
Example for name badges of a Companion brand


You will find a diverse offer of templates for badges from our printing team in Ludwigshafen. ESI/K will also guide and support you in designing and printing appropriate badges.


Vehicles lettering

Communication material on the road

  • The vehicle owner or leaser must examine whether a company-owned vehicle should be used as a communication material and whether the cost of affixing the BASF logo and possibly other markings are worthwhile on a case-by-case basis. Generally, it is not recommended to display lettering on vehicles. 
  • Railway vehicles (including tank cars and locomotives) and road vehicles used to transport hazardous materials must not bear the logo or any other indication of BASF.
  • If the decision to use lettering is made, the first step is to apply the BASF logo on the driver and passenger side doors. Only after these logos are placed, further lettering can be applied to the back of the vehicle. Companion brands (former field 2,3 brands) are placed in the logo bar next to the BASF logo. 

Generally unqualified as advertising material

  • Railway vehicles (including tank cars and locomotives) and road vehicles used to transport hazardous materials must not bear the logo or any other indication of BASF.

Outdoor advertising

Clear directions and a reception that is true to style 

Signboards, flags, directions, etc. are based on the identification of BASF as the sender. For this reason, Companion brands (former field 2,3 brands) appear in text if necessary. Their logo does not appear on these communication materials.

You will find these definitions under media-specific implementation of the BASF brand.

Example of a BASF panel system


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