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Strategic Brand Consultancy and Training


Brand Basic Training

Basics about brands - good to know

In this workshop you will learn more about the importance of strong brands and our corporate umbrella brand BASF.  We show you our brand promise and our Corporate Design will be discussed. Brand Experts give you more details about the BASF brand communication along the "We create chemistry"-strategy.

Process Technicians Ricky Bolyard (right) and Samantha Briggs (left) perform an inspection of the storm water tank structure in Port Arthur, Texas. The tank collects rain water which is treated and clarified before being used in the manufacturing process.


Target group

Mandatory for all members of the ComCommunity, brand manager, brand champions and trainee.
Recommended for colleagues in marketing in case of a brand evaluation, brand strategy or brand alliance. 
Max. 15 participants


Brand management experts.


Corporate Design Training

Visual Style and Corporate Design

Brands that are instantly recognized because they present a consistent image have a clear advantage. A distinct image enables organizations to connect with their target audience rapidly and reliably, literally at a glance.

The BASF brand has its own Corporate Design, the proper use of which is important for the recognition of our organization, our products and solutions in the marketplace.

Corporate Design and Visual Style Training teaches you more about BASF’s Corporate Design. You will get to know and use the BASF Visual Style Guidelines and learn more about the structure and content of our Brand Portal.


Brand Touch Point Training

Deep Dive into Brand Touch Point Management

What is a brand touch point?

Our brand is one of our most important assets. It creates trust, credibility and contributes significantly to business performance. A brand can realize its full potential only if all those who come into contact with our organization – customers, suppliers, local communities, applicants and many others – experience consistency in the presentation of the BASF brand. It’s not just about advertisements or brochures. Every single point of contact or touch point with the brand is important. So, what are these touch points and which of them are top priority? 


Startbild Marken Touchpoints.png


Target group

Brand Managers, Sales, Marketing or ComCommunity  


Brand Management experts.


Trainings Videos

The following videos are only available for internal employees on the intranet.


Contact and feedback

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