Strategic Brand Consultancy and Training

We provide consulting on all branding topics

The team develops the strategy for the Corporate Brand BASF and supports all BASF units in implementing this strategy. In addition, consulting services, training and tools are available for all brand-related processes. 

We support you in all branding related questions:


Brand touch point

In this training you will learn to identify a wide range of branding touchpoints and learn how to maintain them efficiently. 

Corporate Design- and Visual Style

Learn more about the rules and principles of our Corporate Design and the visual identity of BASF.

Brand basis

Get an overview on branding and the value of strong brands for the business.

Brand architecture

Here you will learn more about the market potential  and position of an individual brand in the BASF brand architecture system. The brand team will also help you though the individual brand evaluation process.

Brand strategy

Together we will work on a strategy for your individual brand, developing  the brand identity. 

Brand value proposition

Together we will develop a value proposition for your individual brand. This is the basis for a successful brand positioning.

Brand alliance consulting

Jointly we will assess the possibility of a brand alliance and support in the proper implementation. A brand alliance audit is a mandatory process that insures mutual benefits between partners and mitigates risk to BASF. 

Name finding

We provide naming workshops that support you in the naming process of a product or service. Together we  systematically develop a name based on your value proposition that will fit perfectly to your business offering.


Rebranding refers to the integration of an individual brand into the BASF umbrella brand. We help you during this process and show you the important measures in such an integration. 


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