June 1, 2006


Engelhard Materials Services is our brand for precious and base metals.


Engelhard Materials Services is the brand with credibility and integrity that customers can rely on in formulating and executing their strategic sourcing and objectives for precious and base metals.


Did you know that Charles W. Engelhard Jr., son of the founder of Engelhard Corporation, was rumored to be the inspiration for the James Bond fictional character Auric Goldfinger? Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels, met Engelhard in 1949 in South Africa and is said to have mimicked his acquaintances industrialist lifestyle that morphed into the character, Goldfinger. No fiction here. BASF acquired Engelhard in 2006, adding resources to the 100+ years of precious metal expertise from Engelhard to help make our customers more successful. 

Paul Warkentin
Paul Warkentin
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Last Update June 1, 2006