February 4, 2013


“As the inventors of melamine foams, we have built our brand on our reputation as the leading and most trusted supplier worldwide. Our market surveys show, that our brand strength is well recognized by our customers, helping to make Basotect their preferred choice.”

Dr. Peter Wolf

Global Marketing Director Functional Foams

Basotect® is our brand for the leading and most versatile specialty foam across industries.


Our global brand Basotect® is a promise to our customers: We are a professional team that values long-term trusted and strong partnerships worldwide  -  we act on a broader basis (e. g. products, knowledge, market access) and offer solutions to complex problems. We are and strive to remain the leading supplier who provides orientation in the relevant industry fields. Basotect® - Versatility, Quality, Partnership. 


What makes Basotect® such a versatile foam? Basotect® is the material for attractive acoustic solutions in construction and industry. Thanks to its temperature stability and low thermal conductivity the foam is suitable for special Insulation applications. Because of its light weight, its superb heat resistance and the low density Basotect® is the perfect material for sound absorption as well as for weight and energy saving, soundproofing and thermal insulation in automotive and other transportation applications. And it is abrasive, too! So Basotect® also originated a new class of cleaning sponges: The Dirt Eraser.

Christian Muehlbauer
Christian Muehlbauer
Product Management Basotect
Basotect® WAVE Acoustics Modules.png

               WAVE acoustic modules made of Basotect®, Fa. Späh

Last Update February 4, 2013