February 2, 2012

Care Creations®

"Being the Brand Manager for Care Creations is a matter close to my heart..."
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Yvonne Specht

Brand Manager for Care Creations

Their stories. Your products. Our promise.


In today’s increasingly fragmented personal care market, consumers expect more than excellent personal care products.

They want to be seen as individuals and be invited on a journey. The customer journey you offer is a story starring your products and the personalities of the people who use them. But that story is only as good and convincing as the performance your product delivers.

Here at BASF’s Care Creations®, we make a promise to our customer to deliver solutions that fill your story with life.

BASF’s Care Creations® builds its strength on three core qualities: Market Empathy, Agility and Science Excellence. We understand human needs and changing market demands, respond swiftly and flexibly, and deliver scientifically and economically outstanding concepts and products.

We utilize the most up-to-date consumer-oriented methods and combine them with the scientific expertise BASF customers have come to expect. This enables us to not only develop scientifically sound products and formulations, it allows us to go a step further: we create concepts that anticipate consumer needs and enable our customers to develop products with lasting market relevance and attractiveness.

That’s why we say: 


We are inspired by life.


As a consumer-oriented solution provider, BASF Care Creations® is much more than a supplier of ingredients. We offer the most innovative, market-relevant and sustainable products and solutions in the personal care market. To do so, we dedicate resources to service agility, so we can respond quickly and flexible to customer needs and changes in the market place. 

Shaping personal care with science inspired by life.


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Last Update February 2, 2012