May 1, 2018


Chemovator is the internal business incubator of BASF with the aim to discover new growth opportunities for the entire organization.


All BASF employees with unconventional business ideas can join Chemovator to focus completely on the development of their idea. Within a two-year entrepreneurship program, Venture Teams act beyond corporate boundaries and operate with a startup mindset – fast, lean & customer focused.


The Chemovator brand with its individual characteristics shall reflect the distinct way Chemovator is operating in terms of certainty, risk and speed in tackling unconventional growth opportunities. Therefore, Chemovator is a satellite brand with an own visual identity according the BASF brand classifications.

For our Venture Teams we provide a protected space to dream big, take risk, and pursue their business idea with entrepreneurial drive.

For BASF we are the tool to test unconventional business ideas that deal with high degrees of uncertainty and risk.


Free from classical corporate boundaries we act fast, lean and access unconventional resources. We empower employees to take ownership of their ideas and grow as entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Last Update May 1, 2018