October 1, 2012


Market leading brand in non-GM Herbicide Tolerance.


The Clearfield Production System is the market leading non-transgenic herbicide tolerant crop system worldwide.The system pairs high-quality seed varieties with excellent, broad-spectrum weed control, providing growers with increased yields in Rice, Sunflower, Wheat, Barley, Lentils, Oilseed rape, and Corn.

The success of the Clearfield Production System is built not only on outstanding weed control, but on strong relationships with farmers and seed partners that center around helping growers maximize their ROI.

The Clearfield brand is one that customers trust due to BASF's commitment to stewardship, ensuring that growers have long-term access to powerful weed control solutions. 



Pete Bowerman
Pete Bowerman
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Last Update October 1, 2012