January 7, 2021

CredenzTM Soybean Seed


CredenzTM Soybean Seed has been proven to help soybean farmers overcome their toughest agronomic challenges. Based on leading germplasm and traits, such as LibertyLink® GT27®, Credenz helps to minimize local weed, pest and disease pressure and fight resistance. So, growers can benefit from increased yield potential from a high-quality product that’s supplied from a trusted, forward-looking partner year over year.


CredenzTM is the ideal soybean partner for growers’ farms.

When you plant Credenz soybean seed, you’re getting varieties that we’ve rigorously tested for precision and quality across the full lineup. So we can help you meet the agronomic challenges of your field. And so we can continue proving ourselves through high-yielding performance.

Because credibility isn’t just a part of our name. It’s our commitment. Credenz soybean seed also gives you access to the very latest tools that can help increase yield, crop quality, and profitability. BASF’s full portfolio of seed, seed treatment, and crop protection products can help protect and nurture the soybean varieties you select from this guide. You can count on the dedicated members of your BASF team to help you make informed choices on everything from seed varieties and treatments to crop protection to inputs to management strategies. At BASF, we take pride in doing our part to help you grow a successful soybean crop.


Ryan Schaul
Ryan Schaul
Manager, Global Brand and Marketing Communications, Seeds & Traits
Last Update January 7, 2021