July 1, 2021

FiberMax® Cotton

The most trusted cottonseed for maximum profitability. 

FiberMax® Cotton offers a unique combination of superior fiber quality and high yield to help growers maximize their profits. With the largest library of cotton germplasm and breeding efforts specifically designed for local environments, FiberMax varieties are better adapted to address a market's key agronomic challenges. That's why, even in tough conditions, growers can trust FiberMax® Cotton to deliver consistent performance across their acres.

With FiberMax® Cotton, growers have a full stack of high-quality options to help them get the most out of their cotton acres, even under tough conditions. Backed by the industry's largest germplasm library and offering cotton varieties better adapted for local farms, FiberMax® Cotton gives growers more confidence in their crop's agronomic performance, marketability and profit potential.

The FiberMax® brand has a long-standing tradition of solving cotton growers' hardest challenges, including pest problems and resistance issues. That's why growers trust FiberMax agronomic experts to deliver customized field recommendations and connect them to more opportunities across the cotton value chain.


Ryan Schaul
Ryan Schaul
Manager, Global Brand and Marketing Communications, Seeds & Traits
Last Update July 1, 2021