March 1, 2010


The products in the Glysantin® range reliably protect engines all year round from corrosion, overheating and frost, even under extreme climatic conditions.


BASF first patented Glysantin® in 1929, and the coolants from Ludwigshafen have been very popular with motorists ever since. The proprietary products have the most OEM approvals from the large motor manufacturers. BASF works in cooperation with the leading automobile suppliers worldwide to ensure that the Glysantin® range always fulfils the latest demands. The high-performance engine coolants from BASF are suitable for use in all motor vehicles. 


In the middle of the 1920’s questions were already being asked about the a suitable coolant.

The BASF chemist Dr. Otto Jordan is tasked with developing an anti-freeze. In 1929 the original patent is awarded thus signaling the start for the worlds’ first Anti-freeze, the patent document is the “birth certificate” for the brand Glysantin®. In the following decades Glysantin® has repeatedly and successfully adapted to the ever changing market needs and the increased technical requirements.

Today Glysantin® stands as the Premium product in the engine coolant market. The packaging has also changed from the simple tin can of the early years to the unmistakable shape on the modern plastic bottle with the color coded cap.

Glysantin BASF-Garage mit Motalin-Tankstelle 1930_bearb.jpg
Last Update March 1, 2010