November 12, 2018


It is our ambition to make healthy eating enjoyable and sustainable - for people, our partners and our planet.

Uwe Dijkshoorn (Former Nunhems Brand Manager)

Vegetables people love


Under the Nunhems Brand, BASF offers more than vegetable seeds. We offer partnerships and customer-oriented solutions for the entire vegetable value chain including growers, processors, plant raisers, dealers, traders, retailers and food service industry – tailored to consumer needs and trends.


Through the 200 billion seeds we sell per year, we reach more then 500.000.000 consumers every day. We want to contribute to the healthy diet of these consumers and be good to the environment. To pursue our ambition we combine crop, customer and consumer expertise to create customized vegetable solutions with our partners in the entire value chain.  



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Marle Roose-Vissenberg
Marle Roose-Vissenberg
Brand and Channel Manager
Last Update November 12, 2018