February 2, 2015


SAVIVA® is a unique breakthrough innovation for superabsorbents based on our pioneering droplet polymerization technology. 


SAVIVA® has been developed to provide outstanding absorption performance characterized by very high capacity for superior leakage protection, long-term dryness and low rewet. Its unique round shape provides an exceptionally soft feel. It creates a new standard for today’s diaper performance. 

Our expert R&D team worked intensively over the last decade to re-engineer the traditional superabsorbent particle architecture in order to increase its performance significantly and offer a new level of comfort and dryness. It´s particle surface is covered by a system of numerous, discreet micropores. These pores together with its homogeneous swelling behavior allow SAVIVA® a stronger in-take of liquid – also under pressure. 

SAVIVA® can be used as a drop-in solution for existing hygiene articles and a unique opportunity to create innovative diaper designs, making a difference in the diaper market. Its high efficiency allows a significant saving in the amount of absorbent material used in each diaper and contributes to sustainability in terms of diaper weight reduction. 

Ralph Lenges
Ralph Lenges
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Last Update February 2, 2015